Michael Nee

Licensed Marriage Family Therapist (LMFT)

My professional experience as a counselor began prior to attending graduate school. In September 2009, I received a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University Los Angeles (AULA). I completed my clinical traineeship at Miracle Mile Community Practice under the supervision of David Marsten (UCLA) and internship hours were accomplished in a private practice (on nearby Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice) under the clinical supervision of the late Dr. Greg Henderson (UCLA/USC).

Since 2009, I have been involved with and currently serve on the boards for: the California Circle, which is associated with GIFRIC, and the California Forum, which is associated with the International Forums of the Lacanian Field. Both organizations include academicians, clinicians, and doctors from the United States, Canada, and the world.

Since 2015, I have taught AULA undergraduate courses, such as: Abnormal Psychology and the DSM; Contemporary Freud (with Lacan); and Gender and Identity: The Multilayered Self. Since 2019, I am a member of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality to better support individuals and couples with happier, healthier sexual lives.

As stated in the Services section of this site: When the work indicates, collaborating with nutritionists, physical therapists, psychiatrists, adjunct psychologists, medical doctors, and lawyers or mediation experts may be especially important. Such ‘team efforts’ ensure clients make changes they desire more quickly – and typically enjoy the therapeutic process more as a result! While some clients are interested in long term ‘deep work’, others choose therapy for support through a specific challenging experience or set thereof; life-transition(s); or decision-making process.